Team Table Tennis County Finals

In late 2021 we had multiple Team Leicestershire Table Tennis County Finals Events at Knighton Park Table Tennis Club. Thank you and congratulations to everyone that took part, it was great to see some of the amazing table tennis on display.

The final standings across all the events were:

U13 Boys

  1. Beauchamp College (O&W)
  2. Fullhurst Community College (WL)
  3. Leicester Grammar School (B&H)
  4. Judgemeadow Community College (EL)

Beauchamp College

U11 Girls

  1. Burbage Jr School (H&B)
  2. Avenue Primary (WL)
  3. St Mary & St John (Rut)
  4. Ridgeway Primary (B&H)
  5. All Saints C of E Primary (NWL)
  6. Bottesford C of E Primary (M&B)
  7. Woodland Grange Primary (O&W)
  8. Merrydale Jr School (EL)

Burbage Junior School

U11 Boys

  1. Burbage Jr School (H&B)
  2. Avenue Primary (WL)
  3. Bottesford C of E Primary (M&B)
  4. Merrydale Jr School (EL)
  5. All Saints C of E Primary (NWL)
  6. Bringhurst Primary (Rut)
  7. Church Langton Primary (B&H)
  8. Glenmere Primary (O&W)

Burbage Junior School

U13 Girls

  1. Leicester Grammar School (B&H)
  2. Soar Valley (EL)
  3. Brook Mead Academy (WL)

Leicester Grammar School

U16 Girls

  1. Gartree High (O&W)
  2. Crown Hills (EL)
  3. Castle Mead Academy (WL)
  4. Welland Park (B&H)

Gartree High

U16 Boys

  1. Manor High School (O&W)
  2. Soar Valley College (EL)
  3. Kibworth Mead Academy (B&H)
  4. Fullhurst Community College (WL)
  5. Uppingham School (Rut)

Manor High School

Good luck to Beauchamp College, Burbage Jr School, Leicester Grammar School, Gartree High and Manor High School who will go on to represent Leicestershire and Rutland at the Regional Competition!
Also, a special shout out to Uppingham's Boys U19 team who will also go on to represent Leicestershire and Rutland at the Regional Competition.

Many thanks also go to Mike, Tim and Knighton Park TTC for hosting us at all these events! As well as all the staff who came along and helped umpire games.

We hope everyone enjoyed the tournament and hopefully we will see you again soon at a future Team Leicestershire County Final event.

Leicestershire Schools Table Tennis Association: Schools Individual Championships 2021

Given the current health situation, we were delighted to have 129 entries for these Championships held at Knighton Park TTC and Leicester Grammar School on Saturday December 11th.

About a dozen withdrew or did not turn up but that still left a good number. The stand out entry was for the Under 11s – where 35 boys and 15 girls descended on KPTTC.

A hectic morning ensued with some good play by promising youngsters from a number of schools- notably Avenue, Bringhurst, Burbage and St Peters Market Bosworth.

Burbage was particularly prominent – with 4 in the top 7 in the boys and 3 in the top 4 in the girls.

Over at LGS, there were 29 in the Under 13 boys, 37 in the under 16 boys and 7 in the Under 19 boys but regrettably only 4 girls in under 16 girls, 1 in the under 19 girls and remarkably none in the under 13 girls - not known before and hopefully some of the Under 11s will play in the higher age group next year.

Some cracking play throughout with 2 great finals in the afternoon when Oscar Bentley (WQE) won in the fifth against Kalan Bhakta (Brookvale) and Corey Lancaster (Beauchamp) also won in the fifth against James Walker (Hastings)

Many thanks to all who organised- Tim Cawston, Shirley Pickering, Mike Smith, Peter Wilson- with great help from Amanda Dent, Ahab Iqbal, James Lancaster, Dave Seeds and Andy Wright. Our thanks also to KPTTC, LGS and Active Together (formally Leicester- shire and Rutland Sport).

And finally, thanks go all the players for their enthusiasm, skill and co-operation during the day and also to those who played in the County Schools Team events earlier in the year

Mike Smith

These are the medallists with the champions going on to represent Leicestershire in the Table Tennis England National Schools Individual Championships next April in Wolverhampton.

U11 B 1st. Ruben Mellor (Burbage) 2nd. Saxon Beardmore (Burbage) 3rd. Rueben Sullivan (St Peters MB)

U11 G 1st. Catherine Lv (LGS) 2nd. Amelia Liversidge (Burbage) 3rd. Grace Brown (Burbage)

U13 B 1st. Faisal Mulla (Manor) 2nd. Aiden Cheng (LGS) 3rd. Khaalid Patel (Manor)

U16 B 1st. Corey Lancaster (Beauchamp) 2nd. James Walker (Hastings) 3rd. Liam Lint (Manor)

U16 G 1st. Roma Morjaria (LHS) 2nd. Eppie Southern (TMBHS) 3rd. Mariam Ibrahim (Manor)

U19 B 1st. Oscar Bentley (WQE) 2nd. Kalan Bhakta (Brookvale) 3rd. Zayd Mulla (Beauchamp)

U19 G 1st. Milly Kotecha (LGS)