Under 11's Football County Finals

In late 2021 we had multiple Team Leicestershire Primary School County Finals events. Thank you and congratulations to everyone that took part, it was great to see everyone having fun and enjoying themselves.

In each event, the schools were split into two groups and a round robin tournament was played. The 2 top teams in each group progressed to the semi finals which were a knockout game and the winning school from each semi final progressed to the final. If the final was still a draw at the end of normal time, extra time was played and then it went onto penalties. Penalties were played in one of our events which made it a very exciting finish to the tournament!

U11 Girls

Group 1 standings:

  1. Stokes and Redmile
  2. Bishop Ellis
  3. Woodland Grange
  4. Ravenhurst

Group 2 standings:

  1. St. John
  2. Manorfield
  3. Orchard Community
  4. Hope Hamilton

Stokes, Redmile, St. John and Manorfield all progressed through to the semi-final.


Redmile 0 - 2 Manorfield

St. John's 0 - 1 Stokes


Manorfield 2 - 0 Stokes

U11 Mixed (Boys)

Group 1:

  1. Meadowdale
  2. Mountfields Lodge
  3. St. Marys
  4. Queensmead
  5. Montrose
  6. Broomleys

Group 2:

  1. Greenfield
  2. Bottesford
  3. Gilmorton
  4. Merton
  5. Fairfield
  6. Stafford Leys

Meadowdale, Mountfields Lodge, Greenfield and Bottesford all progressed through to the semi-finals.


Meadowdale 0 - 1 Bottesford

Greenfield 1 - 0 Mountfields Lodge


Bottesford 0 - 2 Greenfield

U11 Small Schools

Group 1:

  1. Griffydam
  2. Richard Hill
  3. Old Dalby
  4. Croft

Group 2:

  1. St. Andrew's
  2. Foxton
  3. St. Mary's
  4. Fossebrook

Griffydam, Richard Hill, St. Andrew's and Foxton all progressed through to the semi-finals.


Griffydam 3 - 0 Foxton

St. Andrew's 2 - 0 Richard Hill


St. Andrew's 3 - 2 Griffydam (penalties after 0-0 draw)

Good luck To Manorfield, Greenfield and St. Andrews who will go on to represent Leicestershire and Rutland at the Regional Competition!
Many thanks also go to Steve and Alan from the schools football association and Judgemeadow Community College for hosting us at all these events! As well as all the staff and the referees: John and Kevin.
We hope everyone enjoyed the tournament and hopefully we will see you again soon at a future Team Leicestershire County Final event.