Basketball County Finals

Congratulations to every school that made it to the Team Leicestershire Basketball County Finals which were held at Leicester Riders, Morningside Arena during March. It was a huge achievement to even make it to the final and there was some amazing basketball skills and plays shown over the events.

The final standings across all the events were:

Primary Event


Hope Hamilton 5 – St Mary & St Johns 3

3rd / 4th Play Off

Avenue 12 – Glenmere 6

Standings (5th – 10th)

5th – Mountfields Lodge

6th – Bottesford

7th – Bishop Ellis

8th – Gilmorton

9th – All Saints

10th – Richmond

The atmosphere at the primary event was really good, incredibly supportive and every team was competitive yet fair. There was also a special appearance from Leicester Rider's Captain, Darian Nelson-Henry, who watched a few of the matches and presented the awards at the end of the competition.

Secondary Girls Final


Wreake Valley 21 – Lutterworth High 16


St Martin's 38 – Gartree 5


De Lisle 33 – Lutterworth High 18


Rawlins 26 – Hinckley Academy 22

The secondary girl's finals were extremely close games with teams who were in the lead at half time, not winning at the end of the final quarter. The games were fast paced and had end to end play with excellent shooting and defending.

Year 7 Winners, Wreake Valley

Year 8 Winners, St Martin's

Year 9 Winners, De Lisle

Year 10/11 Winners, Rawlins

Secondary Boys


St Paul's 45 – Wreake Valley 9


Bosworth Academy 30 – St Paul's 21


Robert Smyth 34 – Gartree 32


St Paul's 47 – Rushey Mead 31


Wigston Academy 76 – Priory Belvoir 34


Rawlins 34 – Loughborough Grammar 33

The Team Leicestershire Secondary Boys Finals had some extremely competitive and close matches, with teams finishing with 1 or 2 points between them. The standard of shooting, defending and passing was incredibly high and every school played very high quality basketball. Well done to all who took part.

Our thanks in particular also go to: Leicester Riders and their staff, Morningside Arena, all of our officials and the staff and players of all the schools who competed.

We hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and we look forward to hopefully seeing you at future Team Leicestershire events.