Team Leicestershire Badminton

Congratulations to every school that has qualified for the Team Leicestershire Badminton County Finals which are being held at Babington Academy during April and May. So far, the KS3 competitions have taken place and been a great success. The quality of badminton on display has been outstanding and there's been great sportsmanship across all the teams.

The final standings for the KS3 Girls were:

  1. Crown Hills Community College (EL)
  2. Newbridge School (NWL)
  3. Brookvale Groby (H/B)
  4. Loughborough High (NC)
  5. Beauchamp College (O/W)
  6. Castle Mead Academy (WL)
  7. Lutterworth College (B/H)

This was an extremely close event which started in 2 group stages; one of the groups were tied on points with them each winning and losing a game, so it came down to points difference from individual games to decide who progressed. The semi-finals and final were also very tight, with the score being 21-20 in one of the games, and the last game of the final, was the decider on who won.

The top 3 in the KS3 Boys were:

  1. Newbridge
  2. Charnwood College
  3. Robert Smyth

There were also some really tight games in KS3 Boys Badminton finals, especially in the group stages as well as really high-level badminton on display. There were excellent serves and return shots with players making their opponent run all over the court. Team mates were giving each other advice and support which was great to see and there was great sportsmanship from all schools involved.

The final standings for the KS4 Girls were:

  1. Crownhills
  2. Welland Park
  3. Wigston Park
  4. Brookvale Groby

The KS4 Girls Finals were played as a round robin event with all the players showing great sportsmanship and determination. The matches were all quite close with the final scores coming down to the last game played in each. Congratulations and thank you to everyone that came along and made the event a success.

The final standings of the KS4 Boys Finals:

  1. Crownhills
  2. Brockington College
  3. Lancaster
  4. Gartree
  5. Woodbrook Vale
  6. The Roundhill Academy
  7. Longfield Academy

There were some really competitive games in the group matches and semi- finals with 2nd place to 4th place all being really close. Crownhills played extremely well and were very deserving of the title. Thank you and congratulations to all that took part.

Our thanks in particular also go to Carole and Amy from Leicestershire Badminton Association, Babington Academy for hosting and the staff and players of all schools who competed.

We hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and we look forward to the KS4 and Under 18 events which are taking place over the next couple weeks.